How to Find the Perfect Name Plate for Your Business

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Introduction: What Exactly is a Name Plate?

A personalized name plate is a name or words engraved on metal, wooden or plastic plate and attached to an object such as a guitar, rifle, motorcycle, etc.

What are the Benefits of Having a Name Plate?

A personalized name plate gives the company the opportunity to show off its brand and it can also be used as a way to provide more information about the object.

What are the Different Types of Name Plates?

  • Wooden
  • Acrylic
  • Metal

How Much Does a Name Plate Cost?

At Home Rekha, with stunning design and best Quality Name Plates just starts at INR 499/-

The Significance of Designing Your Own Nameplate

The lettering should be legible and easy to read from all directions and should never be placed near other text so that it does not get lost in the design. The font should be simple and clear so that every letter can be distinguished. Another important aspect of designing these plates is keeping them consistent with your company logo or typeface.